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Why KODA in Crimson chooses sustainability.

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

What motivates KODA in Crimson to maintain sustainability within fashion?

The textile and fashion industry is claimed to be one of the top most damaging industries in the world. Its destruction of lives and environment is unmeasurable. All designers are aware of the harm this industry is doing to our planet, but awareness isn't enough to inspire the changes that are needed. Every brand has the right to know how the materials they are using and products they create are implicated in these hazardous or harmful practices. But the truth is, the big businesses aren't at all transparent on how they source and make their products.

The environment isn't the only part of the world that has been destroyed by this industry, the value of human lives has also been worn down to nothing. This is harder to avoid supporting, particularly if you're looking for affordable materials. Environmental hazards are easy to identify, from locations of factories and how they deal with their wastage and power/water usage. The biggest companies tend to pump the most harm into the environment. The destruction of human life isn't as obvious once the product has entered the retail market.

Human resources are the most fundamental and abused aspect of the textile industry. Unless the company has made an effort to change the past methods of fabric construction, you can basically assume that all store bought fabrics have done a lot of damage to get here. Most people and brands are just not aware that the money you spend on fabrics and finishings is going toward supporting human and child abuse. Although the western world claims to not support slavery, no one is questioning the big companies as they move their factories to poorer countries, and pumping out mass am amounts of extremely cheap product. Even the chain retail stores who are at war to stock the cheapest clothing has compromised quality for quantity, and devalue human life to fill their shelves, and line their pockets. KODA in Crimson can say proudly that sustainability is the strongest focus for design. I have in the past bought fabrics from the stores when I first began sewing, but now I only add to my fabric collection with store bought products with a huge sale or closing down stores. I really try to avoid it. I collect fabrics from donated offcuts and old clothing at second hand stores. That's also where I find most zippers and embellishments as well. All designers are capable of making their brands as environmentally friendly as possible. It's not difficult to source ethically, many brands have started making this switch already. Waste reduction is the most obvious step to improve sustainability, applying it to both materials sourcing and your own construction methods. KODA in Crimson is completely transparent as a brand. All processes are usually added to social media, where customers can see exactly how my products come together.

Sustainable materials sourcing also keeps costs lower. Compare the prices on my site of the sustainable fashion items in comparison to those made from specialised fabrics. It would be a huge shift for the industry. Our environment is our future, and as the new age of designers emerge, I think its going to be a heavily prominent part of the next era of fashion.

Stop buying clothes for the lowest price, start shopping sustainable today!








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