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Updated: Jul 28, 2022

At the end of 2019, the land I call home was alight. Bungawalbyn, burning like it has never seen before. Listening to local stories that it had been 75 years since a wildfire came through this land. I was convinced the masses of materials and bits and pieces I've collected to start this business were all going to be burnt before I could really begin. I could see all the outfits I've made so far melting in the heat, so I got as many finished pieces out as I could. whilst preparing to say goodbye to everything else. But I was one of the lucky ones. Fires came so close to us, but kept moving around and past the property. The wind was on my side, and we were left right outside the edge of the fire line. I watched the hill out my windows burn for months before there was any rain. I cant imagine what it was like for the number of people we know of here and everyone else who has lost their homes and more across Australia. Or those who had to make it through those incredible fire storms. But the part that makes me most sad to think about is how many animals have been burnt. And the pain of those who have survived. The impact this is going to have on our incredible native animals, especially the koalas. ​ I was just getting ready to start a new range when the bushfires began. So once the fear settled in ash, I ditched all my other plans to work on a theme I felt so deeply connected to. Channelling the stress and all the emotions that I experienced over those months into something the audience can really grab a hold of and connect with on the same level. I pieced together this range with absolutely no planning, I've allowed it to naturally fall together. I feel this relates to the way the fire moves. It has no plan, just pushes on and there's nothing left but to see what's happened at the end. Colour is the strongest element repeated through the range. Finding different ways to represent the movement of flames, to capture hints of what this country has now gone through emotionally. Ignite My Life consists of a much more every day fashion looks compared to my previous work. Its a real mix and match vibe, I made each piece as a single item rather than a complete look, so they can be sold individually. The range consists of size small through large, many pieces have give in the size. I have also included a few dancewear pieces to complete the style range.

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