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Ethical Is the New Black

Fashion is the most damaging industry to the planet, and years of producing fabrics and clothing has had its wear and tear on our earth. Although ethical fashion has been pushing its way into mainstream fashion, there is only so far most brands can adapt toward 'clean' fashion.

KODA in Crimson focuses on the importance of moving from being environmentally conscious to environmentally active.

There are so many materials and processes naturally available to designers.

How many designers do you think would shy away from digging through someone else's trash?

# vanity is profanity.

At KODA In Crimson, you should always expect to find glamour in the most unconventional ways. Whether its a gown made of beer cans or a chip-packet Jacket, style and sustainability are never too far apart.

One of the things needlessly overflowing our landfills is plastic bottles. Plastic is a great texture to work with in fashion. These flowers are made from soft drink bottles, which is soft enough to cut and mould into almost any shape, and can be hardened with heat.

Can you guess what these wearable art pieces are made from?

That's right! Toilet roll Fashion!

Even shiny Christmas placemats can be given a glamorous makeover!

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