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Handmade ethically in Australia by Keeley Patch.

KODA in Crimson began with a young girl who grew up on a farm in Bungawalbyn and just wanted to sew beautiful creations but couldn't afford the fabric; having to improvise and innovate with any available materials around the farmhouse and revamp second hand clothing. 

Now, skip forward a few years and KODA in Crimson is specializing in sustainable fashion and waste free production. Recycling, re-purposing and reinventing fashion, layering salvaged products and materials with high couture styles, creating unique everyday wear. You will also find perfectly unique accessories to express your true style. 

Recently, KODA in Crimson has been producing sustainable home wares including indoor/outdoor plants in recycled pots, art pieces and assorted house hold items with personal flair. 

COMING SOON:  silversmithing- handcrafted sterling silver fine couture, jewellery and accessories. 

KODA in Crimson offers completely sustainable products, partially sustainable where one or more elements was not repurposed, and a specialty fabric collection with boutique bought materials.


Creating unique, one of a kind pieces. Nothing is made the same twice. As each piece is one of a kind every item has measurements and materials listed. 

KODA in Crimson also offers made to order services with custom sizing and designs optional.


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Creating and designing is my biggest passion in life. I'd love you all to join me as i step into my next stage of my creative journey; sharing content and knowledge with people who have similar interests. There are so many exclusive perks, tutorials and rewards to supporting KODA in Crimson on Patreon that you wont find anywhere else! I have a range of affordable to VIP sponsor tiers to select from.

I've learnt from some amazing designers and creatives, have a range of specialist training and am self taught from ten years of experience. I have also showcased internationally a number of times, in Capital Cities across Australia and all over my local area, recieving a handful of awards. I have been involved in the costume and fashion industry and improving my education for almost ten years. I want to be able to share my talent and what I have learnt with you!

I have been taught and discovered so many techniques, shortcuts, and can give advice on so many aspects of the design, fashion and costume industry. I'm excited to have a platform where I can share my DIY skills with you all, and allow my brand to evolve naturally with your help. 

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410 Whiporie Road, Bungawalbyn, NSW, 2471


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